Christian Science Chaplain Proves the Power of Prayer in a Gas Chamber

We were so inspired by what Retired Army Colonel Janet Horton shared at the Graduation ceremony for Christian Science nurses, that we’re including another audio of her recent conversation with the BA. Janet describes how focused prayer and study of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy helped her completely overcome the fear and effects of exposure in a gas chamber.

Listen to Janet’s firsthand experience…
“When I was in Seminary, it wasn’t uncommon to hear people who knew anything about the military … to tell you the war stories about the worst thing that happened in basic training….” Click to hear the audio…

12 Responses to Christian Science Chaplain Proves the Power of Prayer in a Gas Chamber

  1. Danis Mutchler says:

    This was a wonderful testimony! Thanks for it! I love how her prayer helped everyone in that situation, and how she explained that to the officer.

  2. Judy Kurisu says:

    wonderful! i appreciated hearing this account very much. thank you.

  3. Patricia Clampitt says:

    What a magnificent example of “in the atmosphere of Love divine we live and move and breath…”! Thank you for sharing this healing.

  4. Jim Shideler says:

    What a wonderful brief talk. I sure wish you would do more of these audio presentations especially with Retired Army Colonel Janet Horton. This is such an inspiration and so many good ideas in her talk. “Prayer helps all those around you.” Thank you. Colonel Horton would be a wonderful guest for the Audio Chats

  5. Sarah O'Brien says:

    Thanks so much, Janet – I love hearing your “war stories.”

  6. Lois M. Watts says:

    This is absolutely wonderful. Please consider
    publishing this as a short article in one of the periodicals or as a testimony. I would love to
    be able to read and study how she prayed about

    Thank you so much !!!

    Lois Watts

  7. Rosemary (Barrett) Daniel says:

    What an inspiring story. Had never heard of reading Animal Magnetism repeatedly for two months. Couldn’t help but be enriching. I must give that a “go”.

  8. Pam says:

    Aside from the inspiring testimony you have given us such a valuable study idea. Thank you.

  9. A friend sent me this link after she learned I was embarking on a study of the chapter, Animal Magnetism Unmasked , in Science and Health. What an inspirational account! And I like the intersection of the chapter’s title word, “unmasked”, with the fact that Col. Horton had to remove her mask in the gas chamber. What cannot God do!


  10. Joan Wattam says:

    This is a wonderful testimony of overcoming fear – by forgetting the thing feared! It is a wonderful reminder that prayer blesses universally, and also an assurance that when we pray with sincerity to be led in our prayer, the guidance comes. I am so grateful for having hear this remarkable testimony of endurance and overcoming in such very unusual circumstances – it’s like a modern day Daniel in the lions’ den!! Thank you so much, Col. Horton, for sharing this with the world!

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