How an inspiring message brought a sense of peace to Bosnia

Janet Horton, a former Christian Science Military Chaplain, shares inspiring examples of how reliance on prayer brought peace to potentially hostile situations…

In this audio clip hear how Janet, during a time of intense hatred and fear in Bosnia, presented top military officials with an idea from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, and how it helped them feel a greater sense of peace and protection. And then she describes an unusual meeting with a contingency of Bosnians and how divine Mind led her to the right response to one tough question…

Janet Horton was the BA’s keynote speaker at the Christian Science Nurses Training School Graduation in 2011. Click the links below to hear her other inspiring audio clips as they appeared in previous BA e-newsletters…

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One Response to How an inspiring message brought a sense of peace to Bosnia

  1. Charlotte Kinney says:

    Janet, what a most profound question the Bosnia group asked you and it made me think about our USA in a different light. It seems we have taken it for granted that we all do live together with so many different faiths, cultures etc., but I never thought of how it may appear to other countries. How wonderful that you were the Chaplain that was asked to answer it with the inspiration that came to you from that one divine Mind.

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