“Renewed consecration to the work of healing…”

“…we call upon the field for renewed consecration to the work of healing the sick, saving the sinner, and comforting the afflicted.”  (A message from The Christian Science Board of Directors that appeared in the Christian Science Sentinel, December 2, 1916.)logo-2-black-small


Christian Science Sentinel cover from December 2, 1916

One hundred years ago this past October The Christian Science Board of Directors announced the establishment of the Christian Science Benevolent Association. The following December the Directors published an editorial, Looking Forward, reflecting on the six years of progress and transition for The Mother Church following the passing of its Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, in 1910. With a call to Christian Scientists to “renewed consecration to the work of healing…” they asked the Field to financially support the construction of the Benevolent Association:

Directors 1920s

Christian Science Board of Directors in early 1920s

“In pursuance of the special wish of the Leader, repeatedly enjoined upon us, a new channel of usefulness for The Mother Church has been established in the institution of the Christian Science Benevolent Association…”

Later in the same editorial they emphasize the healing mission of The Mother Church:

“The time has come when every Christian Scientist must be ready and willing to prove his faith by his works, and to make this healing instantaneous and permanent. No Christian Scientist is exempt from this demand. We must all be healers of the sick, fulfilling the responsibility which each one assumed when he claimed the name of Christian Scientist. Now as always The Mother Church looks to the whole field of Christian Scientists for cooperation in working out its divine mission.”

The editorial concludes with this call to action:


Line drawing of the Benevolent Association original building in the 1920s

“We therefore briefly summarize the channels which are now open to the field and to which it is heartily invited to contribute, both individually and through the church and society organizations. [First], for real estate as herein before stated … $526,500, [Second], to erect and equip the buildings and provide a maintenance fund for the first institution of the Christian Science Benevolent Association, not less than … $600,000.”

Click link below to see the original editorial referred to above:

“Looking Forward” editorial published in the December 2, 1916 Christian Science Sentinel


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