Dedicated to the Generosity of Doris DiStefano by
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Issaquah, WA


Dedication and Ribbon Cutting

Dedication Plaque

The initiative to move the BA forward by dedicating its campus was due to a leadership gift made by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Issaquah, Washington.Through the generosity of Doris DiStefano, the church elected to dedicate the BA’s Chapel. Issaquah church member Doug Hart shared how they came to this decision.Doris Distefano, a part-time resident of Issaquah, attended services and befriended one of the members, but was somewhat unknown to the church in general, since she kept a home elsewhere for part of the year. Upon her passing several years ago, the church members “were a bit shocked,” Doug Hart said, to learn that she had named First Church, Issaquah as one of the main beneficiaries of her will. Along with six other organizations, the Seattle-area church unexpectedly became the recipient of this United Parcel Service heiress’ estate.So began a process unfamiliar to many churches, not just to Issaquah, Doug noted. They formed a granting committee and had the gracious opportunity to look beyond their own church and examine work being done in the Field, with significant ability to contribute to that work.Learning more about the mission of the BA inspired the membership. Doug explained, “We learned the importance of the BA, not only to New England, but to the Field as a whole,” adding his appreciation for the BA’s advocacy of the “basic rights of Christian Scientists relying on Christian Science for healing.”Their generous gift took a leadership role in the BA’s True the Financial Foundation Plan by dedicating the chapel which establishes a key step toward a completely dedicated BA campus.

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