Dedicated by the Christian Science Association of the Pupils of
Helen Wood Bauman, C.S.B.


Dedication Plaque

Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The dedication of the Christian Science nurses lounge in the Christian Science Nursing Building felt both formal and warmly personal. At the ceremony last June, Margery Baston and Jean Reilly represented their association, the Christian Science Association of the Pupils of Helen Wood Bauman, C.S.B., which dedicated the room.Margery first spoke about her teacher’s appreciation for Christian Science nursing, and then about the BA’s specific connection with the Bauman Association.“Christian Science nursing is an essential part of the Christian Science movement, and it was highly valued by Mrs. Bauman,” Margery said. “Our association has been meeting at the BA for the past 15 years, and this has given our members a closer view and a greater awareness of the BA and its activities.”Margery herself had reason for an even closer perspective and greater appreciation of the BA’s services, and she shared: “On a personal note, my family has experienced the loving and proficient care provided by the BA’s Christian Science nursing staff. Two years ago, two Christian Science nurses assisted with the birth of our first grandson, and in another month they will be assisting with the birth of our second grandson.” Certainly, that good news was met with as much applause as the ribbon cutting.By dedicating the Christian Science nurses lounge, the Bauman Association expresses their gratitude for the BA, and their support of the work being done here. The BA’s Christian Science nurses training continues to improve the quality of Christian Science nursing in the Field. As Margery pointed out, “Christian Science nursing has reached new levels thanks to the work being done at the BA.”And in a show of support for those doing the work, the Bauman Association’s name will grace the wing of the restful Christian Science nurses lounge, a room for Christian Science nurses to go during breaks in their shift to study, pray, and refresh.

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