Mary Baker Eddy portrait

Mary Baker Eddy portrait painting

For many years a beautiful portrait of Mrs. Eddy hung over the fireplace in our Reception area. Due to smoke damage from our wood-burning fireplace, the painting needs professional cleaning and re-framing.Donate

In honor of the BA’s 100th anniversary, we are inviting donations to help restore the portrait and re-hang it above our new portrait-friendly gas fireplace. Some of the work needed includes:

Treatment to Painting 
• Dust/removed debris trapped behind canvas
• Surface clean to remove grime
• Thin/removed yellowed or degraded varnish layer(s)
• Apply saturating varnish layer
• Attach protective backing board & replace 3 keys
• Remove accretions
Frame Work
• Frame
• Wooden spandrel
• Fitting spandrel

Click here for historical information on the portrait and the artist

Contact Jennie Christensen if you’d like to contribute to its restoration:
Email: jchristensen@
Phone: 1-800-662-9937

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  1. Barbara Fay says:

    Glad this popped up in my FB feed today. I didn’t see it in September. That portrait graced the Reception Room when I worked here and it set a welcoming, gracious tone. I look forward to seeing it back above the fireplace.

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