[Podcast] Sustaining Circle
Feature of the Month:
Helen Wood Bauman Association

Margery Baston
Executive Board Member
Helen Wood Bauman Association

In this podcast, Margery Baston, a member of the Executive Board of the Helen Wood Bauman Association, tells us why they decided to become a member of the BA’s Sustaining Circle. Margery explains that Mrs. Bauman herself had briefly been in the medical nursing field before finding Christian Science and that she believed Christian Science nursing was “essential to the Christian Science movement.”

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For $84 per month you can join the Sustaining Circle and help support the availability of Christian Science nursing for present and future generations. DONATE NOW

3 Responses to [Podcast] Sustaining Circle
Feature of the Month:
Helen Wood Bauman Association

  1. Marion Harvey says:

    Thank you, Marjorie, for such a clear explanation of your association’s involvement in supporting the Benevolent Association and the reasons for it. It is very interesting to hear the various ways in which an association can support the work of the BA.

  2. Jan in Grass Valley, CA says:

    Thank you, Margery, for sharing your gratitude and love of Christian Science Nursing and the B.A., and for Mrs. Bauman’s Association of students support of it.

  3. CQ says:

    What I appreciate about the sustaining circle is that if one has been been part of it for a few years, then decides to step out of it for a year or two, CHBA doesn’t put pressure that person to stay on, but lets divine Love guide the conscience and decision of each donor. And of course, the BA graciously leaves the door wide open for when one is ready to return to the circle!

    I wasn’t aware of this article about Helen Wood Bauman until someone pointed it out to me a couple of weeks ago: http://www.marybakereddylibrary.org/research/women-of-history-helen-wood-bauman

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