[Podcast] Why our Association joined the Sustaining Circle

Larry Wolfe
Executive Board Member
Dorothy S. Matthews Association

Larry Wolfe didn’t hesitate to tell us why members of his Association love to support the BA financially. As an Executive Board member of the Association of the Pupils of Dorothy Matthews, CSB, Larry uses the word “genuine” to describe the care provided by a “facility where one can rely totally on Christian Science for healing in a loving and supportive environment…” He goes on to say, “Imagine a Christian Scientist not having a refuge like the BA….”

Click the triangle play button below to listen to his interview…

It’s EASY to become a Sustaining Circle member, sign up here

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One Response to [Podcast] Why our Association joined the Sustaining Circle

  1. Sharyn says:

    Thank you for sharing this. All you say is so true of the wonderful care my mother is receiving at the BA.

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