Dedicated To the Works of Geith A. Plimmer, C.S., and
E. Vera Gorringe Plimmer, C.S.B.


Brooks and Katharina Helmick

Sun Room

Dedication Plaque

Even before Brooks and Katharina Helmick decided to dedicate a room, they were already involved with the BA’s True the Financial Foundation Campaign. The BA came to them for advice on a long-term plan to reinforce the BA’s financial stability, and they worked with the trustees’ plan to maximize its impact.As two of the first people to know about the dedication plan, the Helmicks lost very little time in deciding to accomplish two worthy goals: help eliminate the BA’s debt, while honoring the works of two well-admired practitioners.Geith A. Plimmer, C.S. and E. Vera Gorringe Plimmer, C.S.B. were a married couple who contributed so much to Christian Science in their respective fields that it is easy to imagine the newlywed Helmicks eagerly attending their first Geith Plimmer lecture. After the lecture Brooks suspected, and later verified, that Geith’s always-present-on-the front-row wife was probably equally inspiring, as a teacher.“This was the power couple in the history of Christian Science couples,” Brooks said at the dedication ceremony, where BA trustees, staff, and seven groups of donors gathered for ribbon-cutting ceremonies. He noted “Geith was the Paul of his day,” and Vera was a “marvelous teacher whose work was legendary.”How better to be remembered as a practitioner, lecturer, or teacher than by one’s works – healing and teaching how to heal. Thanks to the Helmicks, the Sun Room in the Christian Science Nursing Building is now dedicated in honor of the works of Geith A. Plimmer, C.S. and E. Vera Gorringe Plimmer, C.S.B.To illuminate the Plimmers’ spiritual works of Christian healing, Brooks and Katharina lovingly compiled and donated to the BA two books of Plimmer lectures and articles, and provided audio CDs of two lectures given by Geith.These are housed in both the Christian Science Nursing Building and Original Building, a true treasure for any visitor studying here.

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