The most important giving opportunity

Of all the opportunities to give to the Benevolent Association, by far the most important is your consecrated and inspired prayer in support of the BA and its healing purpose. Your metaphysical work on behalf of the BA is seen and felt through lives transformed and redeemed, strengthened spiritual understanding, and freedom from limitation.

In his article, “The Christian Science Benevolent Association,” from the January 25, 1919 Christian Science Sentinel, Edward A. Merritt shares the importance of prayerfully cherishing the right idea about the BA:

“…it is the function of the Benevolent Association to reveal and demonstrate by the divine Principle of Science that which will reverse the false belief of any patient seeking solace under its shadow, and it will reveal harmonious man. Let us, therefore, get the right idea about the Benevolent Association as a divine idea, spiritual in its quality and character….When the right idea is understood, it will accomplish the work which Mrs. Eddy intended. In no other way can its success be realized. It must be done according to Principle.”

Your prayerful work for the Benevolent Association blesses all those who call upon the services of the BA. We are most grateful for your loving support.

Click here to read Edward Merritt’s article.

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