Progress on our winter and spring projects

roof worker closeup

We are immensely grateful for your gifts to the General Fund and your generous help with some of our winter and spring projects. We joyfully share our progress on these projects:

Dining Room Roof Repair

Phase one of the repairs has been completed by addressing a large leak over the west cold prep room of the dining room.  The repairs included moving ballast rock, cutting open the seam where the leak was located, replacing rotted structural roof members, rebuilding a section to properly drain the roof to the roof scupper, and installing a new roof membrane where the leak was located.  Phase 2 repairs include an additional roof section where pooling is a problem and installing new downspouts on the roof.

The Variable Air Volume (VAV) System

Phase one of the VAV Replacement of the Christian Science Nursing Building has been completed.  This included the replacement of five VAV units on the Garden Level including the Christian Science Nurses Station, Supervisors Office, Practitioners Office, Mentor’s Office and Dining Room.

Patient Lifter

In addition, our Christian Science nurses are now using a new lifter to ensure the safety and comfort of a patient that is being transferred, for example, from their bed to a chair.



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  1. sandi says:

    I love your newsletters — warm tone, informative, caring, a nice selection of photos and occasional videos.

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