A gift of resources

Our gift to you: Unlimited access to the BA’s Webinar,
Simplifying Medicare for Christian Scientists

We’ve received over 100 requests for access to the rebroadcast of the Webinar: Simplifying Medicare for Christian Scientists, since we first aired it in October. The Webinar has proved to be so helpful that we have decided to give you unlimited access to the rebroadcast. Feel free to share the link below with anyone who you think might find it helpful – family, friends, and fellow church members.

We’ve also prepared what we think are the best resources on Medicare, and would like to give you links to all of those as well:

To view a rebroadcast of the Webinar, click here.

Here is a link to a page with our favorite resources on Medicare and related topics:
Resource Links

Stay tuned in the new year for more information on upcoming Webinars and updates to the Health Care section of our Website!

One Response to A gift of resources

  1. Joy Basse Emerson says:

    Thank you so much for this very informative and helpful webinar. I think it’s the first time I have really understood what it’s all about!

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