[audio] – Alison Alioto Talks Health Care Proxies

Alison Alioto

Monty Haas talks with Christian Science nurse, Alison Alioto, about the importance of Health Care Proxies.

Christian Scientists value their right to turn to God in prayer for healing. But if there’s a situation where you cannot speak for yourself, a Health Care Proxy allows you to name someone you trust to make health care decisions for you. Without a proxy, your specific health care wishes may not be carried out. Each state has different policies in place regarding what happens when no Health Care Proxy has been named. It may be the physician, the state, etc. Many people assume that without a Health Care Proxy, the nearest relative can speak for an individual, but this is often not the case. In Massachusetts for example, only the Health Care Proxy has the legal authority to make health care decisions on another’s behalf.

In the audio clip below, Monty Haas asks Alison Alioto, Christian Science Nursing Administrator (previously Director of the BA’s Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service), about Health Care Proxies. Alison provides some surprising answers.

3 Responses to [audio] – Alison Alioto Talks Health Care Proxies

  1. Karen Essay says:

    I’m really glad to know about HCP. It has been on my mind recently because I take care of a Christian Scientiest. So. . .

    I’m a Christian Science Nurse can I be a health care proxy for a patient. I work mostly as a Christian Science Private Duty Nurse.

    • pwoodsum says:

      Thank you for your comment and good question!

      There are many ethical issues when one’s health care agent is also a care giver, and in many states there are laws preventing it. For instance, in Massachusetts the law is as follows:
      Under the Health Care Proxy Law (Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 201D), any competent adult 18years of age or over may use this form to appoint a Health Care Agent. You (known as the “Principal”) can appoint any adult EXCEPT the administrator, operator, or employee of a health care facility such as a hospital or nursing home where you are a patient or resident UNLESS that person is also related to you by blood, marriage or adoption.

      We recommend contacting an attorney regarding this issue.

      Thanks again for your interest.

      Alison Alioto

  2. Barbara Collier says:

    Thank you for your monthly updates shared with the branch churches and they with their members. It is most important that we, not in the material medica world of today, keep current with requirements for our own spiritual good and health maintenance. Yes, including recipe experimenting!

    Gratefully, Barbara

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