FAQ on Medicare and healthcare insurance for Christian Scientists

If I don’t take Original Medicare Part B when I turn 65, but want to get it later, what is the penalty?

You’re right that there is a penalty. And the Medicare.gov website has a handy Part B Late Enrollment Penalty Calculator that calculates the amount of the penalty based on your circumstances. Essentially it works like this: If you don’t sign up for Medicare benefits during your initial eligibility period the cost of Medicare Part B will go up 10% for each 12-month period that you could have had Medicare Part B but didn’t take it.

If you decide to enroll in Medicare Part B at a later date, you may  sign up during the General Enrollment Period. This period runs from January 1st through March 31st of each year. Your Medicare Part B coverage will start on July 1st of the year you sign up. You will have to pay the penalty fee as long as you have Medicare Part B.

For more information on enrolling in Medicare, read my blog on Enrolling in Medicare. Another good resource is Welcome to Medicare. For more information on your Medicare eligibility, see My Medicare Enrollment.

For more questions and answers on Medicare, healthcare insurance, and advance directives, see the BA’s Healthcare Blogs.

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  1. Marion Harvey says:

    Welcome back on the health care blog! There are many people out there who have questions that you are answering or have answered on past blogs. Thanks for providing such a valuable service.

  2. Francie French says:

    I want to know of health insurance companies that also pay for Christain Science practitioners and facilities. I Don’t have health insurance now but want to have it.

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