Healthcare Answers: Insurance Companies that Provide Medigap Policies

Janiva Toler

Janiva Toler
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Question: Which insurance companies provide Medigap policies? Is there a list I can access online or download?

Answer: As a general rule, all Medigap policies, unless specifically or implicitly excluding the possibility of care at a Christian Science nursing facility, will cover this type of care. Therefore, the list of prospective insurance companies is long. At the BA we see a number of policies from AARP. I only mention this one because we see it more than others and the claims are paid. Please note that this mention is not a recommendation.

Here is a link to information on the site that will aid in understanding and selecting a Medigap policy. Among the topics listed along the left side of the page, two are particularly relevant. The first is “Find and Compare Medigap Policies” and the other is “Learn More About Health Plans and Medigap Policies in Your Area”. Clicking on these two topics will open search windows that accept input such as your zipcode, and provide detailed information and results.

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  1. Ann says:

    The link to the site referenced above seems to be broken.

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