Healthcare Answers: Opt for Medicare Part B?

Janiva Toler
Executive Director
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Question: When considering original Medicare, why would a Christian Scientist opt for Medicare Part B when Part B isn’t used at Christian Science nursing facilities?

Answer: You are right that it is Part A of original Medicare that is used at Christian Science nursing facilities such as the BA. However, here is a short list of reasons Part B might be considered:

  1. Medicare Supplement Policies [often called Medigap policies] require Part B coverage
  2. The setting of bones in a hospital is Part B coverage
  3. In a situation in which an individual is not speaking for himself/herself and taken to the hospital, Part B coverage might be needed
  4. As a comfort and at the request of spouses and other family members who are not students of Christian Science, individuals may consider Part B

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4 Responses to Healthcare Answers: Opt for Medicare Part B?

  1. Sharon Strong says:

    Thanks, Janiva. And nice picture!

  2. David Talcott says:

    Another reason is that those of us that are covered by Gov. Pension funds are required to enrole in Medicare Part B. We also have long term care insurance through Sr Health Ins. Co. originally through Travelers obtained under AISA in 1996.

  3. janiva says:

    Thanks so much for the reminder about those covered by Gov. Pension funds. This will be helpful to many.

  4. Chestnut Booth, CS says:


    All of your posts on Medicare, Health Insurance, and the federal health care bill are well-written and helpful.

    Thank you so much for perceiving the need for this information and meeting it!

    My husband keeps asking for reports from the CS nursing facilities of which insurance companies have a good track record of paying promptly for CS care and being easy to work with.

    Thanks, Chestnut

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