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Janiva Toler

Janiva Toler
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Question: I’m approaching 65 and will be enrolling in Medicare. Is there a checklist that explains the decisions I have to make?

Answer: There is a very good booklet from Medicare – Welcome to Medicare! This booklet introduces you to Medicare and explains the decisions you need to make, including whether you want to keep Part B. Medicare sends you the booklet after they automatically enroll you in Medicare Part A & B, but it may be helpful to check it out earlier.

The booklet may seem long at 31 pages, but it is large print and nothing compared to the hefty Medicare & You 2020 Handbook. Welcome to Medicare! summarizes and walks you through the decisions you need to make, including:

  • Decide if You Want to Keep Part B
  • Decide How to Get Your Medicare Coverage
  • Decide if You Want or Need a Medigap Policy

Check it out and let me know if you find this a helpful tool in navigating the Medicare maze.

4 Responses to Janiva Answers: Enrolling in Medicare

  1. Jeannie Ferber says:

    Is there anything one can do, or any way to make sure one is NOT “automatically enrolled” in Medicare?

    • Janiva says:

      Thank you for the question. It is one that Christian Scientists have asked over the years. I am not aware of any process to NOT be automatically enrolled in Original Medicare Parts A & B. Until several years ago one had to enroll in Part B and of course that has now changed to an automatic enrollment to make it easier for the vast majority of folks who do want to have Part B. Because there is a cost to Part B and because Part B cannot be used at RNHCIs (religious nonmedical healthcare institutions) many Christian Scientists give more thought to whether to keep Part B.

      If you have questions about why a Christian Scientist might want to be enrolled in Medicare Part B, the answer is on our website.

  2. Patricia Duke says:

    What are the benefits to a Christian Scientist to having part B. I didn’t take part B and I took my social security 8 years ago.

    • janiva says:

      The question “What are the benefits to a Christian Scientist to having Part B” is a very frequent question. Many Christian Scientists assume that since Part B is not used at a Christian Science facility, it would never be a option. There are several reasons why one might opt for Medicare Part B. They are outlined in a previous blog on Part B. Click here for the blog.

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