Janiva Answers: Recommended Medigap Policies

Janiva Toler
Executive Director
Answers Your Questions on Healthcare

Question: I am turning 65 in late March and Medicare Part A & B are taking effect on March 1st of this year. I would like some information about the Medicare Supplement companies and plans that you have worked with and have had a good experience with, so that I can make an informed choice and be covered for care in a Christian Science nursing facility.

Answer: The good news about Medicare Supplement policies (Medigap policies) is that these policies are dependent on the exhaustion of Medicare benefits and do not require specific RNHCI (religious nonmedical healthcare institution) or Christian Science language.

I recommend the Medicare website Medicare.gov as your best resource. Click on the link in the previous sentence. Hold your mouse pointer over the tab near the top of the home page labeled “Resource Locator” and then click on the “Medigap Policies” tab in the drop-down menu. You will be directed to a page that will ask for your zip code, your current health (optional) and whether you currently have a Medigap policy. Enter this information and click on “Continue”. This will take you to a list of the Medigap (Medicare Supplement) policies available in your area. Then you can compare benefits and costs among the different policies.

Once you have reviewed the policies, let me know if you have follow-up questions.

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