Janiva Answers: How Do I Request Christian Science Benefits In My Company’s Health Care Plan?

Janiva Toler

Janiva Toler
Executive Director
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Question: How Do I Request Christian Science Benefits In My Company’s Health Care Plan?

Answer: Most companies that include Christian Science benefits in their health care plans do so because a Christian Scientist who was an employee asked for coverage. Companies want their employees to have coverage for their choice of care. Often they do not know about Christian Science benefits, or if these benefits can be accommodated without financial impact to their policy.

The place to start is usually the Human Resources department, or in a smaller company, contact whoever is in charge of employee benefits. Let them know that you are a Christian Scientist and explain the resources you have, and that you depend upon Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science nursing for care and healing. Also, explain that Christian Science is your choice of care, and that you would like to request that they include it in the company’s health care plan.

Your company will be interested to know that there is a great deal of precedence for including Christian Science benefits. A number of insurance companies provide for Christian Science benefits in company insurance plans. Medicare and Medicaid recognize Christian Science nursing facilities as providers throughout the country.

Your state Christian Science Committee on Publication can be a wonderful resource. There are a number of blogs from the committees on publication around the country that can help you speak to health care insurance issues. Your regional Christian Science nursing facility would be happy to provide information on insurance companies that cover Christian Science benefits. And the BA is always a resource to talk to insurance companies or your HR Department about CS benefits and health care coverage.

The first and most important step to take is to make the request to your company — opening the conversation about your choice of care and Christian Science benefits.


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