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Monty Haas mentions in his video that you’ve got questions, “boatloads” of questions about insurance and Medicare. It’s true. And frankly, we’ve had trouble keeping up with and responding promptly to so many questions. So we asked ourselves, “How can we better respond to our national Field of inquirers?”

We came up with a number of answers. One way we can answer your questions is through the Webinar that we’re presenting on October 4th. The Webinar will reach a large geographical audience at a fraction of the cost of sending our team to different parts of the country to conduct workshops.  And here are our other ideas for responding to your questions:

  1. An updated Insurance & Medicare section of our current website that is more user friendly especially for those who are new to the issues (look for this in the next 60 days)
  2. An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for Insurance & Medicare to handle those questions that occur repeatedly (look for this in the next 60 days)
  3. Webinars such as the one that we are presenting in October that will be able to reach a larger audience, providing basic information on a particular topic, and then answering specific questions from our audience.
  4. Links to other websites that  have additional topics related to your questions and provide context for the issues
  5. Continuing to present FAQs and Insurance & Medicare issues in our monthly E-newsletters and on our Facebook Page
  6. And continuing to respond to your calls and emails for answers to more specific questions

We want your feedback!

  • Do you have ideas for additional Webinars you’d like to see?
  • Please give us feedback by contacting us through any of the following channels…


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