Janiva’s Blog: New Health Care Section Launched

We’re so pleased to be launching the new Health Care section on the BA’s website. A great deal of work has gone into this new and improved version. We listened to your questions and comments and incorporated many of them.

There’s a new look to this section starting with the landing page. Overall we tried to make it user-friendly — you should find it easier to navigate from the simplified landing page and from the full index  footer at the bottom of every page. We added quite a bit of new material:

The BA’s website is intended for the community, so we invite your feedback. What else would you like to see added or expanded? We’d love to hear from you.

2 Responses to Janiva’s Blog: New Health Care Section Launched

  1. Visitor says:

    I always enjoy reading about the BA in your newsletter I receive by email.

    I don’t know if this is an appropriate place to post this question. Regardless, I am curious if you have an update regarding the portrait that used to hang above the fireplace of Mary Baker Eddy.

    I read your post awhile ago stating that it was in storage and needed to be cleaned before being returned to the lobby.

    Hope to see it back for all to enjoy.

    Thank you and lots of love to ALL at the BA in Chestnut Hill.

    • pwoodsum says:

      We’re so glad you enjoy receiving our e-newsletters! The Mary Baker Eddy portrait is currently in safe storage – and we will restore it as funds become available, and then we will find a more appropriate display location in one of the BA’s common areas (away from the soot of the fireplace!). We will be sure to send out announcements as soon as we finalize our restoration plans.

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