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Here at the BA we get hundreds of health care questions from individuals asking us about Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, Medigap, and on and on. It’s a subject that’s big on people’s minds. I wasn’t at all surprised that over 1,000 people signed up for the Christian Science Committee on Publication’s Town Hall Chat on the US Supreme Court’s Ruling on Health Care Reform a few weeks ago. (If you haven’t had the opportunity, I highly recommend you take the time to listen to the replay of the chat: Town Hall Meeting).

While there are excellent resources currently available to answer questions, ranging from christianscience.com, Federal Government publications, to the AARP and a number of Christian Science nursing facilities’ websites – including our own! – it’s obvious from the phone calls, letters, and email inquiries we receive at the BA that not everyone has the time or inclination to wade through the slough of published material to find the answers they need.

Beginning this fall we’re offering live online Webinars, to help you get the information you need on health care. The Webinars will be hosted by Monty Haas, and I will present 20-25 minutes on the topic followed by a question and answer period.

The first Webinar, scheduled for October 4, 2012, will focus on Medicare for Christian Scientists. To reserve your place in the Webinar, please click here to fill out a registration form and be sure to include any health care questions you want us to answer. Closer to the date, we will also post a link to register for the Webinar on our BA website as well as in our E-newsletter.

Mark your calendars — Thursday, October 4th from 7:30pm-8:30pm Eastern time. The title of the first Webinar is: Simplifying Medicare for Christian Scientists.

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  1. Dorrie Anderson says:

    I received the email from my church on the evening of October 4. Since I live in Oregon it was already too late to participate. Are you doing a follow-up?

    • pwoodsum says:

      A recording of the Webinar will be available next week. To gain access to the recording, please send an email to bawebinar@chbenevolent.org and include your full name and a message asking for a link to the recording.
      Thanks for your interest!

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