The Health Care Question I Can’t Answer

I spend a part of my week answering questions from around the country about Christian Science benefits in health care insurance and Medicare. How to access CS benefits, how to obtain them, and how to decide among policies.

There’s a lot of good information about health care coverage with CS benefits. A good example on the site is Insurance Plans Offering Christian Science Care. And the BA website offers Medicare Contact Info and a download of Medicare + Insurance Contact Information

Here is one question I can’t answer: Where can someone find a policy with substantial coverage for Christian Science nursing and/or Christian Science practitioner benefits (e.g. 75% of daily costs) for an individual who:

  • Is under 65 (not eligible for Medicare);
  • has no employer plan or is self-employed;
  • has no family member with insurance;
  • has an employer plan that doesn’t include, and won’t even consider, CS benefits

It’s frustrating when I get calls from people looking for this type of policy, because right now it just doesn’t exist. The Mother Church continues to work with major insurance companies to provide CS benefits.

In the meantime, if you know of some good coverage with CS benefits, please let me know. And I’ll keep you updated with our progress.


10 Responses to The Health Care Question I Can’t Answer

  1. Sussie says:

    Thank you, Janiva, for being a contact point for this important information. The links that you mentioned in this post will be helpful to many!!

  2. Jan True - Laguna Hills, CA says:

    Hello Janiva,

    Thanks for asking the questions. I do know that currently the Federal Office of the Committee on Publication is gathering this same information. You might want to check with them. Rather than duplicate efforts, they might be able to help you as they’ve been asking for input for a little while now.

    Keep up the good work that you’re all doing there at the Chestnut Hill B.A.

    Your friend,

    • Janiva says:

      Jan, Thanks for your comment. Yes, the Federal Office is doing a great job of keeping the Field current. I so appreciate their updated website. In fact, I have links to their blog on in my blog.

  3. Patti says:

    This looks like the perfect opportunity to mention self-insuring: this is where individuals put aside a certain amount of their choosing into an account meant specifically to address these potential concerns in the future. Of course, I prefer Enoch’s way: walk with God and then appear no more to human sense!!

    All the best in your efforts ~

  4. Katharine brown says:

    Have I correctly gathered from the blog entries that Part B does not cover CS practitioners but Medigap does if you are in non-medical health care facility? Thank you!

    • pwoodsum says:

      Thanks for your question Katharine. We’ll respond shortly.

    • Janiva says:

      Original Medicare Part B does not cover Christian Science practitioners. Medigap (which is a Medicare Supplement policy) also does not cover Christian Science practitioners.

    • Janiva says:

      You are correct that traditional Medicare Part B does not cover CS practitioners. And neither does a Medigap policy. Medigap (Medicare Supplement) policies only cover what traditional Medicare Part A & B will cover and CS practitioners have never been covered by Medicare.

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