Why every Christian Scientist should have a health care proxy

I post so often on the topic of health care proxies I’m probably beginning to sound like a broken record. But I know that there are still many Christian Scientists who do not know the importance of executing a proxy, or just haven’t had the time to do it. So this is my end-of-the-year appeal to all of you. Please put in place a health care proxy for yourself and/or help a family member with one.

If you are together with family or close friends over the holidays, it may be a perfect time to ask if family members have proxies, or if they need help with one. Or include it in your New Year’s resolutions to get a proxy or review your current one to see if it needs updating.

Here are a few reasons why it is important to have a health care proxy:

  •  The health care proxy (also called “durable power of attorney for health care” in some states) allows you to decide your choice of care in the case that you cannot speak for yourself. It allows you to set out exactly your wishes for how to be cared for, and in whatever level of detail you want, should there be a need.
  • Without the proxy, it is usually the state that will make the decision for you. You may be assuming that your family or close friends would be able to speak for you and make the decisions that you would want. It is state law that governs this issue. In Massachusetts, for example, if an individual is unable to speak for himself only the state or his health care proxy agent can speak for him.
  • It is a kindness to family and close friends to make choice of care decisions in writing, and to discuss them fully.

Click here to read one of my recent posts that outlines proxy sources, suggestions for conversations, and distribution of copies.

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