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In this month’s podcast Monty Haas and I begin our conversation about the establishment of the Christian Science Benevolent Association 100 years ago. Click the play button below to hear Monty Haas talk with me about our plans for celebrating 100 years of Christian Science nursing and healing at the BA. We are also including the full transcript of our conversation below.



Monty: Janiva – I know that 2016 marks the kickoff of a very special year…

Janiva: Yes, Monty, because 100 years ago, back in 1916, The Christian Science Board of Directors issued an announcement the formation of a new and important department to be known as the Christian Science Benevolent Association – establishing a “sanatorium” which should include provisions for such instruction in practical methods of caring for those under treatment as is consistent with the teachings of Christian Science.

M: And, here we are 100 years later celebrating that wonderful unfoldment and blessing.

J: And, I know Monty that you and others here at the BA have been doing some research in that history, and In fact, you told me that you had some information to share today.

M: I do! There is a wonderful article that Adam Dickey wrote which was published in the December 16, 1916 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel and I thought I’d share the first paragraph.

J: Oh, I know our listeners would love to hear it!

M: O.K. this is a quote, then:
“Our Leader was for many years deeply impressed with the thought that the Christian Science movement should have places where people suffering from ills of various sorts could retire for treatment, rest, and recuperation. The members of Mrs. Eddy’s household who ministered to her needs have heard her many times express herself quite freely on this subject. She knew that patients under Christian Science treatment were at times placed in a position where they needed the care and attention of a skillfully trained person who was also a Christian Scientist. Her own experience had shown her the great need for a place of refuge to which sufferers could retire, and where they would receive proper care and attention as well as freedom from criticism while under Christian Science treatment. The purpose which the Directors of The Mother Church seek to accomplish in organizing the Christian Science Benevolent Association is one that is in direct obedience to our Leader’s wishes and which had for a long time been uppermost in her thought.”

J: So, Monty, it’s clear that Mrs. Eddy had been thinking about helping the world and meeting a need with Christian Science nursing.

M: True!

J: Around 1905 Mrs. Eddy consulted with Mrs. Mary Beecher Longyear of Brookline
and Mrs. Longyear made a gift of over twenty acres of land in Brookline for the project – and that’s where we’re sitting today. But it’s safe to say, that the real “groundbreaking” work was as Mrs. Eddy said in her earlier note to Mrs. Longyear: “Our cause demands a wider circle of means for the ends of philanthropy and charity, and better qualifications for practical purposes.”

M: Janiva, let’s you and I get together from time-to-time to share some of that history and those blessings that the BA has fostered… with our listeners.

J: I’d love to do that! And, here’s an open invitation to anyone who has experiences to share about the BA… Christian Science nurses…those who have worked in other capacities at the BA…and those who have healings to share…please be in touch with us.

M: We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Janiva!

J: Thank you, Monty!

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  1. Jan DeLacy says:

    Thanks for this exchange — I’m trying to better understand the quote from Mrs. Eddy’s note to Mrs. Longyear. I would appreciate a link to where I can read the complete note. Thanks,

    Jan DeLacy

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