4 Simple Steps to a Health Care Proxy


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If you haven’t yet executed a health care proxy, here are 4 simple steps to take right now.



Step 1: Choose an agent

People often choose a family member or close friend who understands their wishes concerning health care and is willing to act for them.


  • When you execute your health care proxy and name the agent you wish to speak for you, it is also an excellent time to have a conversation with the agent about your thoughts on choice of care.
  • The agent and alternate agent you name should know that you are including them in your proxy and should have the opportunity to ask you questions about your choice of care, what you have written in your proxy, and what will be expected of them as an agent.

Step 2: Secure a form from your state or attorney

There are multiple sources for health care proxies.

  • Most states have information on advance directives for health care, which includes health care proxies. A web search for “health care advance directives” and your state name should bring up a number of websites. Most of the state government sites have samples that can be downloaded for free.
  • The Benevolent Association provides a Massachusetts health care proxy form for patients at the BA, which is updated whenever Massachusetts state law changes. We are happy to share this with anyone interested in a proxy form that includes language and options often specified by Christian Scientists. You can download it from our website, email inquiry@chbenevolent.org or call 800-662-9937 ext. 2226.
  • The health care proxy is a legal document, and an attorney will be able to assist you in preparing one.

Step 3: Secure an option for your situation

For instance, the Massachusetts proxy on our website has 3 options:

  • No limitations on the agent carrying out your wishes;
  • A list of the limitations that shall apply to the agent;
  • An option that all treatments authorized by the agent shall be consistent with your Christian Science beliefs as listed.

Step 4: Sign, file & distribute

  • You should make at least four photocopies. Keep the original for yourself where it can be found easily (not a safe-deposit box).
  • Give copies to care providers, your agent, and an alternate agent.
  • You can also give additional copies to family members, Christian Science practitioners, lawyers, and others who may be involved in your health care decision-making.


If you have questions or comments on the health care proxy, feel free to contact us.

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you!!!!! This is EXTREMELY helpful and I am grateful to have a sample with language for the “treatments authorized by the agent shall be consistent with your Christian Science beliefs as listed” option — appreciate you sharing 🙂

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