5 Things to Know About the BA in August

% Thing to know about the BA







1. ORH
The Organization of Residential Homes for Christian Scientists is holding its annual conference at the BA this year. We are welcoming organizations from across the United States on September 27 – 29. This will be the largest group of visitors since we fully reopened for Rest & Study and events, and all of our departments are busy preparing to be guest-ready for these 50+ visitors.

2. CSNAIII Class
We welcomed 7 Christian Science nurses to our CSNA III class this month. They arrived from California, Missouri, Michigan, and New Jersey. It’s such a joy to have them with us for the five weeks of classroom instruction in the Advanced Christian Science Nursing Arts.

3. Wildlife
Why are so many of the wildlife returning to the BA this spring? We don’t have the answer. We’ve always had wildlife on the BA campus, but this year we welcomed deer (and a new fawn), turkeys, bunnies, foxes, coyotes, groundhogs, and more. Click here for a few photos

4. BA Representatives
A shout-out to our fabulous BA Representatives! These folks are appointed to represent the BA in their churches and societies across New England. We meet quarterly via Zoom for updates on the latest activities as well as questions and answers.

5. Mother and Infant Care
The BA’s Mother and Infant Care service has been active this year as it has provided the loving support of Christian Science nursing for expectant parents during the labor and delivery as well as provision for the continued support for mom and baby, or babies, for the first day (or days) after the delivery. We are also happy to be a resource for families throughout the pregnancy and afterwards with any questions that might arise.

AND the BA Chapel at sunset.


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