5 Things to Know About the BA in February

% Thing to know about the BA

By Janiva Toler





February is all about valentines and a perfect time to spotlight the wonderful family and friends of the BA! You all support us in so many ways and contribute so significantly to the refuge of the BA and the love that is felt here. Your support and contributions to the BA as volunteers, donors, staff members, patients, residents, Rest & Study guests, Temporary Housing guests, visitors, and more. Thank you!



1. The first blizzard of 2022 was on Saturday, January 29th and we received about 24 inches. The snowfall tied Boston’s 2003 record of most snow received in one day. We found much to be grateful for during that blizzard.

  • It was a weekend, and far fewer people and companies were impacted than on a weekday.
  • The snow was light and more easily removed from cars and roads.
  • The blizzard lasted only 24 hours, unlike some of the nor’easters that can last days.
  • Our fabulous staff maintained their schedules, and 14 staff members stayed over to ensure continuity.
  • Gratitude for our rooms where staff can stay overnight for their shifts or rest between shoveling.

Photos courtesy of Joe Kranz (top left and top center), Whitney Wyndham (top right and bottom right), and Nancy Christopher (bottom left).


2. We are celebrating a successful accreditation review from The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc. for our facility, Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service, and our Christian Science Nursing School. Following their three-day visit in mid-November, the five-member Commission team recommended a three-year unconditional review. The recommendation was confirmed in February. Thank you to The Commission and, more especially, to our dedicated and professional staff members who are responsible for these excellent review results.


3. A Career Unlimited by Time: Christian Science Nursing is our next Webinar on April 7 at 8:00. Click here to sign up.


4. Love Your Pet Day was February 20th and we’re celebrating pets that live on our campus! Here are a few photos courtesy of Devon Cornthwaite (Sammy and Miri), and Peter Morgan (Moses, Chester, Ercole, and Lady). Visit our Facebook page to post photos of your pets.


5. More progress with our Deferred Maintenance Project! Here are photos showing current repairs taking place on the stairwell that leads from the Chapel to the Living Room in our Original Building. 


What I’m reading this month: For Black History Month, I’m re-reading Warriors Don’t Cry, by Melba Pattillo Beals.





4 Responses to 5 Things to Know About the BA in February

  1. Barbara Fay says:

    I love the pet pictures! Moses, Chester, and their bulldog buddy are always fun to meet out walking — with their equally delightful Owners. Those dear doggies express such love and intelligence.

  2. Nancy Christopher says:

    I love Barbara Fay’s “Shadow Stories” and her interview with Steve describing how the photos express balance and metaphysical inspiration. Hers is a beautiful example of how the act of being awakened by a particular scene and being moved to preserve it in a photo or a haiku is really a form of prayer.

  3. Nancy Sedan says:

    Did you know that Melba Beals is a Christian Scientist and a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist in San Francisco? We love having her join us for Zoom services.

    Thanks for your informative and fun blog. It’s a pleasure to read.

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