5 Things to Know about the BA in January and Wild Turkeys Take Flight

% Thing to know about the BA

By Janiva Toler





1. Wild Turkeys on Campus

Wild Turkeys - several mature Toms surround a hen and gobble, hoMany of you know that every year we have a rafter or a gaggle of wild turkeys roaming our BA campus. I was amazed at how many names for a group of turkeys there are. You might check out the complete list. This year we have about 16 wild turkeys which everyone enjoys watching from a distance. The residents discovered that the turkeys have a daily flight plan as they walk from the east side of our Original Building to the west; then from the high vantage at the far west side they take off and fly to the nearby trees. One of our residents, Barbara Fay Wiese, captured the flight on her phone. 

2. Snow on the BA Landscape

Snow on Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association Original BuildingOur first snow storm of the season brought about 8 or 9 inches of snow. As always it was absolutely beautiful. And we were so grateful to have the newly repaired roofs, walls, windows, and steps that kept us safe and warm during and after the storm. 





3. Deferred Maintenance

Here are some before and after photos from our Deferred Maintenance Project which is almost complete. We are so grateful for the donors that made this possible.

4. Are You Ready for “Un-Retirement?”

Is “un-retirement” for you? If you are considering “un-retiring” and especially if you are considering serving the Cause of Christian Science, please think about working at the Benevolent Association. We have part-time and full-time positions open. There are some positions where you could serve for one day a week and provide essential support for our mission. Here is a link to our Open Positions.


5. New Year Resolutions and a Health Care Proxy

Every January I check in to remind you that everyone should have a Health Care Proxy (also called a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care). If you already have a Health Care Proxy, be sure and check to see if it needs updating. Here’s one of my blogs that details why you should have a Health Care Proxy. Here are 4 Simple Steps to a Health Care Proxy. And here is an audio clip where Alison Alioto talks about the importance of a Health Care Proxy.


Book Cover - The Strong OnesWhat I am reading this month:  The Strong Ones: How a Band of Civilian Women Made Their Mark on the Army by Sara Hammel. Our residents are reading this book this month and introduced it to me. It’s a fascinating study, and it happened near here in Natick, MA.


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