5 Things to Know About the BA in July

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1. 100% Fresh Food
We welcomed NexDine, our new food service management company, to the BA this month. Listed as one of the “10 most innovative food service management companies to watch 2021”, NexDine rose to the top of our list for their 100% fresh food philosophy and their guiding principles.

2. Christian Science Nurses’ Housing
We’ve kicked off the Christian Science nurses’ housing upgrades in the Original Building with Phase I on the 4th floor. A new kitchen, to serve apartments on the 4th floor, is being built and a stacking washer/dryer unit added to that floor. There will be upgrades and additions for the third and second floor along with a new laundry room with multiple washers and dryers on the Lower Level designated for Christian Science nurses to use.

3. Employee Opportunities
If you have a heart to serve Church, you may be interested in one of several open positions at the BA. Here is a link to these opportunities.

4. Save the Date for Graduation
You’re invited to the Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation on Sunday, October 9, 2022. We are making plans to record the Graduation for those unable to attend in person. And the night before there will also be informal talks by many of the graduates, which is open to friends and family of the graduates and the BA.

5. Spring Appeal 2022
This Appeal was completely funded, and all the projects are underway or completed. What a lift for our whole community to see the results of the many loving gifts to the BA. In addition to the Christian Science nurses’ housing, the projects included ceiling lifts for patient rooms in a wing in the Christian Science Nursing Building, new carpet in the 3rd floor west wing of the Original Building, and patient rooms newly painted and carpeted.

AND Chiming Concerts on the Plaza at The Mother Church.
The Residents love attending the Chiming Concerts at The Mother Church in July and August on Thursday and Friday. Here is a fun interview from 2014 with the talented people who play the chimes at The Mother Church.


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  1. Susan Renaud says:

    Grateful for the BA! Blessing all with love!

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