5 things to know about the BA in June

% Thing to know about the BA




By Janiva Toler


1. Delicious and locally sourced produce at the BA 

Golden Kiss, Honey Kiss, and Kiss Limon are just three of the 15 varieties of melons that Chef Mark has ordered for summer dining. Chef Mark favors locally sourced produce, and we have been enjoying the many berries this month from the local farms. The melons come from all parts of the US – Florida, Arizona, California and more.

 2. Next CSNA I class is in August

Our next Introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts (CSNA I) class starts soon. The dates are August 10th through September 3rd. There is funding available for the tuition for this and other CSNA classes. And if you are working at the BA, you are paid for the time you are in your classes and for the time you are being mentored for the classes. To learn more about CSNA I or to apply, click here.

 3. The Albert Baker Fund – Net Effect – featuring Christian Science nursesJosh Kenworthy

Did you catch the latest Net Effect Career Conversations last Friday? One of the conversations was with Josh Kenworthy who is in the Christian Science Nursing Arts program at the BA. In 2019 Steve Carlson talked with Josh. Click here for this podcast. 

 4. Marketing Manager position

Our Marketing Communications Department has been restructured to further support the BA and its mission of healing. Find out more about this position which will lead a team that develops engaging electronic and print products to promote the work and mission BA in a consistent, appropriate, and uplifting way.

5. Lawn furniture on the front lawn ready for the cookout

The lawn furniture at the Original Building looks new. Thank you Facilities Department for stripping, sanding, and repainting our favorite furniture. It was just in time for our first outdoor event in well over a year. We had a cookout for all the staff with hamburgers and hot dogs (and vegan style as well)! 


What I’m listening to this monthInhabiting Eternity by Kathy Glover and Char Beck

What I’m watching this month – Virtual Israel Tour

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