5 Things to Know About the BA in June

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1. Christian Science Nurses Training
We welcomed the CSNA I (Introductory Christian Science Nursing) class which started on June 16. This class has participants from Kenya, the Philippines, Tanzania, California and New Hampshire.


2. New faces at the BA
Welcome to Nathan Blaisdell from Austin, Texas who joined the BA Team serving as Reception/Night Security.



3. Chapel closes for 60 days
The BA’s Chapel will be closed for all events from June 20 to August 20, 2022 while a new state of the art heating and cooling system is installed in the balcony and main floor. This will eliminate the large ductwork in the balcony that obscures the windows and is rather noisy. The main floor will not look different, but it will “feel” different.

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4. Baby birds at the BA

This video was taken by a staff member when he discovered a nest of baby birds on the window ledge of one of our Rest & Study rooms.  


5. Cybersecurity training

In 2022 we began partnering with KnowBe4, a cybersecurity training program to better inform our staff members about the specific issues of social engineering, ransomware, and phishing. Each month our staff has a short training video on a different aspect of cybersecurity and each month the staff is sent an email to test if they will click on a bad link.

And Visitors to the BA at Annual Meeting

What fun to have visitors at the BA for tours and visits during Annual Meeting! And to see so many friends at Annual Meeting and the weekend leading up to it. If you were not able to attend or watch Annual Meeting, here is a link to the replays.


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