5 Things to Know About the BA in March

% Thing to know about the BA

By Janiva Toler



March 2022 Snow Storm


Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association on a snowy night - By Carol Worley - March 2022


Snowy Landscape - Nancy Christopher

 1. Surprise snowstorms are great in the spring when they melt within 24 hours, and all the fat, fluffy, fantastic flakes are even more fun! Here’s an early evening video as well as some pretty photos during the March storm.

(Video by Janiva Toler; top photo by Carol Worley; bottom photo by Nancy Christopher.)


Newly installed lift in Original Building, March 20222. Something else is putting a lift in our steps this spring — our newly installed lift into the Dining Room in the Original Building. The inspectors gave us the green light this month! Whoo-hoo!


3. Our Christian Science Nursing Arts II class started on March 22. We welcomed Christian Science nurses from Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria, as well as Missouri, California, and New Jersey in the U.S. They will be staying at the BA for five weeks during the classroom portion of CSNA II.


Bill-Damon-CS-Center-CC-BY-2.04. Our Rest & Study rooms have filled up for Annual Meeting in June, which will be an in-person meeting for the first time in a couple of years. We do have a waiting list though. (Photo by Bill Damon, Christian Science Center at dusk.)

5. There’s more activity at The Residences at 910. Spring has brought many inquiries for those that want to “unretire” with us! People are taking advantage of our free 3-day stay to find out more about living on the BA campus and in the Boston area.

(Left: residents visiting the Massachusetts Museum of Modern Art; right: resident Nancy Christopher taking photos on the BA grounds.)



Christian Science Nursing Webinar, April 7, 2022, A Career Unlimited by TimeSAVE THE DATE for our next webinar, A Career Unlimited by Time: Christian Science Nursing on April 7th at 7 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. susan johnson says:

    Lovely photos of the Original Bldg – and the spring snow! And the new lift looks great too.

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