5 Things to Know About the BA in September

% Thing to know about the BA







1. We found a 1979 penny
When we started to re-carpet the third floor of our Original Building, the installers pulled up the carpet in one of the alcoves. Beneath the carpet they found a 1979 penny. Turns out this is a method installers use to mark the date of the installation. We are using carpet tiles now rather than roll carpet. And our maintenance program thankfully replaces carpets more often than every 43 years!

2. Congratulate the Graduates
There are three ways to send congratulations to the eight Christian Science nurses that are graduating this year.
1. Post in the comments area on the website at the bottom of the page
2. Send an email to graduation@chbenevolent.org
3. Post on Facebook at facebook.com/CHBenevolent

3. September Staff Cookout
Before the weather was too cool, we managed to pull off our last Staff Cookout of the season. It was also the last week of CSNA III so we were able to get in a visit with the class before they headed back to their respective facilities. Lots of grillin’ and fun!

4. Progress Update – Christian Science nurses’ housing upgrades
As we work on a permanent solution for housing for Christian Science nurses on the campus of the BA, we are also progressing on a temporary solution in the Original Building. We are upgrading the kitchens on all the associate housing wings as well as installing multiple washers and dryers on the lower level for the use of Christian Science nurses. Phase I is the fourth floor with the installation of a full new kitchen and a washer and dryer for that wing. All of the appliances have been ordered for Phase I as well as the cabinets, sinks, and lights.

5. The full re-opening of the Original Building
And finally a note of gratitude for the full re-opening of the Original Building to Associations, Rest & Study guests, conferences, tours, and meetings. We are looking forward to a full house for the many events this fall!


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