5 things you need to know about the BA in August

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By Janiva Toler



Cherry-pickers on campus

There has been so much progress since my last post on the Deferred Maintenance Project here at the BA! The Project kicked off last month with repairs to the Power House and Original Building, focusing on the facades and roofs. This month the Power House will be finished and work started on the Carriage House. In addition to continuing facade and roof work on the Original Building, there is a crew of masons repairing stairways, patios, and other stonework. The completion of the Project will be campus buildings that are watertight and stabilized and will allow us a two-to-three year window to undertake sufficient planning and studies to address organization-wide solutions, with a Master Plan that will take the BA into the next decades.

Mother and Infant Care Service

We often get questions about the Benevolent Association’s Mother and Infant Care Service. Here is a link to a downloadable flyer that explains more about this Service which provides the loving support of Christian Science nursing for expectant parents. Our services include support in preparation for the baby’s arrival, the ministry of Christian Science nursing during the labor and delivery; and a provision for the continued loving care and support for the mother and baby, or babies, for the first few days after the delivery. This care includes working with family members in caring for the new arrival. 

Do you recognize this building? 

Another bonus of the Deferred Maintenance Project is the restoration of our delightful Garden Building near our community flower garden (which is featured in our e-newsletter this month). The before-and-after photos shows the difference when all the ivy came off.

Christian Science Nursing Arts I (Introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts)  started August 10th. We welcomed Christian Science nurses from The Leaves in Texas and Lynn House in Virginia. It’s wonderful that we can have in-person classes, while continuing to follow temporary guidelines in place. The next CSNA I begins January 11, 2022.

Our inspection is right around the corner

We are busy preparing for our inspection by The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc. which happens every three years. This November The Commission is visiting the BA with four reviewers for a three-day inspection. These inspections cover the building and grounds, practices, and all of our documentation. It is a wonderful opportunity to get every aspect of the BA “inspection ready.”

And Eversource helps out

Eversource is trimming tree branches that impact power lines along the Route 9/Boylston St. corridor here in Chestnut Hill. They worked on the area along Boylston Street in front of the BA for a week. The result is a much improved look for the BA’s frontage and a clear view of the beautiful stonework that had been hidden for so long.



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  1. Cece Waters says:

    Such wonderful progress, Janiva and team! Well done, good and faithful servants, this is a joy to read!

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