5 things you need to know about the BA in January

% Thing to know about the BA





By Janiva Toler


1.  The Christian Science Nurses Training School began a CSNA I class on January 6th. Our second CSNA I class starts in August. Here is a link to our full schedule of classes.

2.  The BA is pleased to welcome Paradigm Properties as the new management company for our Facilities Department. We look forward to working with them! 

3.  A shout out to Chef Mark for his expanded menu of vegan dishes. We’ve always had vegetarian options at each meal. Now many of our vegetarian selections are vegan. The favorite from last week was spinach and cheese enchiladas with cilantro-lime rice and refried beans, and of course salsa and guac. 

4.  No snow has been good news! We’ve had a couple of significant snowfalls this winter, but intermittent warm weather has melted it all. We love the beautiful snow, but it is great to be able to be out of doors on campus during the middle of winter.

5.  Everyone should have a Power of Attorney for Health Care (Health Care Proxy). To get started, check out this  blog information titled, Three reasons you need a health care proxy — and four steps to set one up today!

 Also, if you are looking for sample language suitable for Christian Scientists, here is something I learned recently. Leslie Connery,  Government Relations Counsel, Christian Science Committees on Publication, mentioned in a recent webinar on Medicare that you could email legalinfo@csps.com and request to talk to someone about language appropriate for Christian Scientists in an advance directive such as a Health Care Proxy.


What I’m reading this month:  Peter Henniker-Heaton Man of Joy by Kim M.  Schuette 


 What I’m listening to:  Let There Be Peace On Earth | Rise Up Junior Choir 


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  1. Karen Janitz says:

    Thank you Janiva for sharing this information. I like that you shared what you are reading and listening to. A nice personal touch.


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