5 Things you need to know about the BA in July

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By Janiva Toler




Ask Me Anything Webinar

You or someone you know may be thinking about training for Christian Science nursing. You will want to check out our Webinar, Ask Me Anything, on Thursday, July 29th at 7 PM EDT. 


Heather Worley, Senior Instructor and Mentor in the Christian Science Nurses Training School, will be presenting and answering all questions about training. This is a perfect webinar if you have considered the ministry of Christian Science nursing.


New Trustees

We are so pleased to welcome two new Trustees to the BA Board. Celia Waters is from Bellevue, Washington.  Robert S. Collier is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Robert S. Collier




Deferred Maintenance and Repairs Project

How exciting to see the contractors arrive this week to kick off this Project with the repair to the facades of both the Power House and Original Building. Thank you to the donors who have made possible the Deferred Maintenance and Repairs Project. This is a six-month project that will handle the most critical needs involving safety, compliance, and building stability on the BA campus. The completion of the Project will allow us a two to three year window to undertake sufficient planning and studies to address organization wide solutions with a Master Plan that will take the BA into the next decades.


Marketing and Communications Refresh

When our long-serving Marketing and Communications Manager, Paul Woodsum, stepped down from his position here at the BA it provided the opportunity reassess the communications department. The result, two new Marketing and Communications positions! Marketing Manager and Marketing Coordinator. Perhaps you or someone you know can support the mission of healing at the BA with your marketing, graphic design, and social media skills.


The BA’s “secret garden

Yesterday I walked down to the Power House in the late afternoon to see the progress on the repairs that started this week. I felt like I was stepping into the BA’s own “secret garden” when I saw the flower beds that staff members have planted and nurtured over the years. Here are a couple of photos I took, including the vegetable gardens that staff who live at the BA maintain during the summer months.


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  1. Susan Renaud says:

    Beautiful garden! Thank you so much for the healing mission & loving outreach!

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