5 things you need to know about the BA in March

% Thing to know about the BA





By Janiva Toler


1. Serving Church through the Ministry of Christian Science Nursing

CSN Webinar

I hope you were able to join us for the March 16th Webinar on Christian Science nursing and training. Here is a link to the replay of Serving the Church through the Ministry of Christian Science Nursing. In this 30-minute Webinar you will hear from Christian Science nurses about preparing for this ministry, take a virtual tour of the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training School, and learn about qualifications for this holy work.

 2. Hymn Sing featuring German composers

Each month the residents present a hymn sing with different themes. February was a fresh look at German composers: “Thank you, Germany! – from hymn lovers everywhere.” For their monthly hymn sing, the residents presented a program based on German composers Martin Luther, Johann H. Schein, Johann Schop,  Heinrich Albert, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Robert Schumann, and Juliane Klein, CSB.  They ended with Communion Doxology (Hymn 445) Be Thou, O God. One of our part-time residents taught everyone the words in German so they could sing them in German.

 3. Snowboarding at the BA

 Snowboarding at the BAA fun video from the end of February. Some of our residents were out for a walk on the campus and caught some video of BA staff snowboarding down the Carriage Road. Now in mid-March the snow has mostly disappeared.

 4. Getting ready for inspection 

The Commission for the Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc. inspects us every three years. And in November 2021 we’ll have our next inspection. This multiple-day review is thorough, and we begin almost a year ahead to prepare for it. Our preparation begins with many checklists and a review of all of our documentation and protocols. In March, as we start our spring cleaning, we are also thinking about the inspectors who will look into every nook and cranny on campus. It’s a great exercise for us, and we are proud to be accredited by The Commission.

5. A shout-out to the BA Representatives!

These are individuals that volunteer to serve as the BA’s representative in their branch churches and societies in the New England area and beyond. They stay current with BA activities and report at their church meetings as well as answer questions from fellow church members. We hold Quarterly BA Representative Meetings to help keep them updated on the latest information. This month Heather Worley, Senior Instructor and Mentor in the Christian Science Nursing Arts, and Karen McCoy, Residential and Guest Services Manager, gave updates on program activities. BA Representatives are integral to communications to branch churches and societies in our region, and we are so grateful for their work.


What I’m listening to this month Sing Sing a Song

What I’m reading this month – Paths of Pioneer Christian Scientists by Christopher L. Tyner

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