5 things you need to know about the BA in October 2020

% Thing to know about the BA

A BIG shout-out to the BA Team! During these unusual and challenging times, the BA staff remain cheerful, dedicated, kind and caring. They are the best! We are so blessed!



Fall 2020New England in the Fall 

Boston and New England is the most beautiful place in the world during the fall. And when you add the slightly colder weather, apple and pumpkin picking, cider donuts, and a warm fire in the fireplace, it is just about perfect!



The CSNA Graduation is “virtual” this year which means that family and friends from around the world can participate. Graduates this year are from: Canada, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Togo and the United States. The program is scheduled to begin at 11:00 AM EST so that everyone from the west coast of North America to Kenya will be able to attend during daylight hours. There is a link on our BA website for registering for the event. Lots of behind the scenes preparation as the graduates record their remarks and get ready for the big day!


mystery museum tourMystery Museum Tour

Our Mystery Museum Tour hosted by Barbara Fay was a huge success! Thank you to the 8 dear family and friends who sent (sometimes more than one!) postcards and museum greeting cards to 24 recipients here at The Residences at 910. Twenty-one museums across the country, one in Spain, and one in England were represented. The easels from the program have been put in various parlors around the building and will be enjoyed for several weeks yet.

For example from Barbara Fay’s presentation, “Remington’s Ride for the Timber was enlarged from postcard size. One fascinating factoid: he was the first painter to depict horses with all of their hooves off the ground at the same time. He studied the motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge, so he was aware of their movements. And one of our residents pointed out that the horses are airborne when they inhale. There — now YOU know too!”


Medicare Meetings

We’re getting a number of questions about Medicare since it is Open Enrollment time and you are probably receiving multiple flyers from different health insurance companies. Your question may be answered on our website. Here’s a link.

There are also some very good webinars on this subject. Arden Wood is sponsoring a Medicare webinar on November 12 and November 19.


Some Open Positions at the BA

Please check out the Open Positions on our website. We appreciate your viewing these for yourself as well as passing them along to friends that might be interested. We have filled several positions this past month, but we are still seeking qualified individuals for several other positions. 



I’m reading in September – Life at 400 Beacon Street by Heather Vogel Frederick

I’m listening toHow much does God love me? – a second new children’s video from TMCYouth 

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