5 things you need to know about the BA in November

% Thing to know about the BA

November is all about gratitude, lots and lots of gratitude, and Graduation. I hope you have already registered for the Online 2020 Graduation on Saturday at 11:00 EDT, but if not, here is the registration link for graduation.


Gratitude for our new red truck…

Red Truckand for the donor that gave us the down payment for it.  With leaf pickup season here and snow season almost upon us, we had to replace our ancient white truck. On our 24-acre campus our trucks are in constant use. The Facility Department moved quickly to find a fabulous used red truck. And who doesn’t love a red truck! The Facility Department loves driving it, and we love seeing it around campus!


Gratitude for gracious and loving donors providing meals for Christian Science nurses

We are grateful for the many tender, loving acts of kindness from those that support the BA. We were so touched by the gift of meals for the BA’s Christian Science nurses that started arriving this spring and were delivered twice a week. The Christian Science nurses were able to choose from a menu of soups, salads, and sandwiches, all from fresh produce from Idylwilde Farms. This arrived along with fresh fruit and flowers for the café in the Christian Science Nursing Building.  


Gratitude for our campus community

Our community at the BA is filled with such joy. It is inspiring to come to work each day. Though we have restrictions and requirements for social distancing and masks, those restrictions have not stopped the workers and residents from finding new and fresh ways to support each other and to move forward. We are all learning new skills, for instance, around the technology of video conferencing. Our residents have for a couple of years met together to read the Sermon on the Mount each Sunday. This continued last spring, though with masks and separate and smaller groups because of the need for social distancing. Then came the idea to meet by Zoom for the reading to allow for all residents to be together virtually. And this last month they presented it over Channel 16 (an internal BA sound channel) which allowed patients to tune in and hear it.


A Record of Healing

Record of HealingYou may remember that about a year ago we announced that we were preparing a collection of healings that were supported by Christian Science nursing at the BA, from the Christian Science periodicals and from testimonies shared directly with us. The booklet, A Record of Healing, has just been printed and the copies have arrived. Many of you requested a copy when we first announced it, and you will be receiving your copy soon. They are being mailed next week. If you would like a copy, let me know. Just click on this link  and give me your name and mailing address.


Oodles of red noodles 

We added a bit of fun to social distancing with our new oodles of red noodles. Imagine a pool noodle but exactly 6 feet long and only 2 inches in diameter. They are light weight and perfect for measuring the six foot distance. It’s a great visual for seeing exactly how long six feet really is…usually longer than you think. And some of our residents take them on walks around the campus.  



I’m reading – Bible Stories as told to very little children by Bessie Edmond Andruss

I’m listening toFeed my sheep–Words by Mary Baker Eddy, Music by Lyman Bracket, Hymn #304 from the Christian Science Hymnal, Performance by Emma Kieran Schaefer

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  1. Susan Renaud says:

    Thank you for the love & healing ministry!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Much love to you all!???

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