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Janiva TolerThe Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation Ceremony is one of the BA’s most treasured events. It is a time where we come together with the Field to celebrate our love and gratitude for Christian Science nursing, our reverence for our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and the Church Manual By-law, “Christian Science Nurse” and to express our deep appreciation for those who have completed the CSNA Training Program in preparation for representing themselves as a Christian Science nurse.

As many of you know, the BA has been faced with extensive financial challenges for a number of years. We have reached a very critical time as we prayerfully listen for right next steps regarding the BA’s sustainability. As part of our efforts to bring expenses in line with income, it is clear that we need to pause on holding the 2014 CSNA Graduation Ceremony with the Field.

It is our expectation to have the Graduation Ceremony at the BA with the Field either late 2014 or the spring of 2015 and join together with the next year’s graduating class.

Thank you for your understanding and support at this important time! We are so grateful for the loving and devoted work that so many individuals bring to the BA’s healing ministry of Christian Science nursing. Please stay in touch and watch for upcoming e-newsletters as our plans unfold.

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  1. ellen Cutts says:

    Thank you, Janiva, for your lovely website and the opportunity to hear Diane Fabrizio’s podcast and Larry Wolfe’s comments from his Association. It makes sense to combine graduation this year with next, if that appears as a wise financial step.

    I graduated in May of 2000 after the full course of study with only one other student in the class. As it turned out, I was the sole graduate, yet the joy of receiving my CS Nurse pin was not in the least impacted by participating in the chapel ceremony alone. The training I received has been invaluable, though I needed to leave the BA 1-1/2 years later.

    Since then family needs – 8 grandkids at the time – have been met, as I resettled in New Hampshire to assist there. Four years with the Visiting Nurse Service of NH kept me busy, followed by a fairly recent private-duty case. Skills need to be refreshed, but that’s an avenue yet to be developed.

    Larry’s statement on financial support is arresting, particularly having just read and re-read his June 17th Sentinel article “Lean on Me.” Thanks so much for making these items available to us in the field. The BA has, of course, a very special place in my heart, a place where we nurses could “give of (our) heart’s rich overflow.” (Hymn 139) Thank you and your staff for your continuing good work

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