Do you remember when you learned about Christian Science nursing?

Janiva Toler

Do you remember when you first learned about Christian Science nursing, or when you first visited a Christian Science nursing facility? For some of the 18 interns and students from TMC Youth, Longyear, and Asher House Boston, it may have been on July 27th.  That’s the day they participated in the “Rowing on the Charles River” activity at CRI, followed by a picnic on the BA campus.  This event was initiated by some friends of the BA who are ardent rowers. They offered to help the BA sponsor “Rowing on the Charles” as a fun way for students to enjoy Boston and get to know the BA’s purpose and place in the history of Christian Science, and to appreciate the BA’s current relevance as a healing institution.

We are finding that many folks do not learn about Christian Science nursing until much later in their lives. While some students may meet Christian Science nurses at their CS summer camps or schools, it is a very small percentage. The provision for Christian Science nursing given by Mary Baker Eddy in the Church Manual, Art. 8, Sec. 31, “Christian Science Nurse,” supports healing for all ages. Too often Christian Science nursing and facilities are only associated with care for seniors. While it is true that our Christian Science nursing facilities serve Medicare-aged patients, you might be surprised at the diversity of patients. Many patients never actually “stay” at a facility but are served through Outpatient Services, Visiting Christian Science Nursing Services, and Mother & Infant Care.


It is important for young Christian Scientists to be aware of Christian Science nursing at an early age. When they have a need, regardless of their age, they can know they have this support and they do have a choice of care. There are several churches that regularly bring Sunday School students to visit Boston and stay at the BA for a few days. We offer them tours and they have the opportunity to meet Christian Science nurses. It’s a wonderful way for them to learn about Christian Science nursing!


There are many ways that we can help to ensure our church members and Sunday School students know about Christian Science nursing and are acquainted with their local facilities. A few examples:

  • I mentioned that Sunday School classes visit Boston and stay at the BA. We have an open invitation for any Sunday School class to consider visiting us in Boston. Or as an alternative, you may want to visit or stay at your regional Christian Science nursing facility, take a tour, and hear directly from Christian Science nurses.
  • Offer to volunteer at your local Christian Science facility. They welcome volunteers of all ages.
  • Invite a Christian Science nurse to your Sunday School class to talk about his/her ministry.


Please let us know how you learned about Christian Science nursing or how you share Christian Science nursing in your church.

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4 Responses to Do you remember when you learned about Christian Science nursing?

  1. I love Christian Science Nursing. It has been my desire to help and care for the sick with all sincerity, knowing how they feel and doing unto them as i would like others do unto me. To all Christian Science Nurses, remain blessed.

  2. I first was introduced to professional Christian Science nursing when professionally I became a Christian Science practitioner and several patients chose to enter Wide Horizon, a Christian Science nursing facility in Colorado. I then spoke with and met several Christian Science nurses and was humbly impressed by their thoughtful work and expression. I realized that years before I had been the recipient of such loving thought and gracious, tender care through the nursing qualities expressed by my beloved mom, a lifetime student of Christian Science, who lovingly cared for me during a somewhat challenging childhood.The best CS nurses express this Mother-Love!

  3. Melissa Laurie says:

    I learned about Christian Science Nursing while taking class instruction. I was getting acquainted with the Motherhood of God, as well as the Fatherhood of God. I also was on the path of dropping away all medical history and practices, which meant revisiting what true nursing was all about. My intent, initially, was to go into the program to learn, practice, imbibe the Motherhood qualities of God, so that I would be a good mother if I ever married.
    The wonderful thing about going into Christian Science nursing, was, it truly expanded my thought to the ethics of Christian Science expressed in the ministry of nursing, which lead to me realizing and valuing even more, on a practical level of loving and meeting the needs of mankind.

    While I was not able to have opportunity of attending Christian Science Sunday School, the CS Nurses training and practice enabled me to get acquainted with the Bible and our CS Textbook in a consecrated way. It shined the metal of truth worth in meeting the demands as a Christian Scientist helping others in family, church work, and in nursing needs.

    Several decades later, being a wife and a mom, I am still being blessed by the foundation stones found in the activity of nursing and caring for my fellow man. And another beautiful gem in this work, is that of meeting fellow Christian Scientists with beautiful dedicated hearts of love.

  4. Maria Bernadete Filizzola says:

    I believe I have been a Christian Science nurse my entire life.
    I first was introduced to professional Christian Science nursing in Denver-Colorado. There I took class and learned everything I know about ethics, love and meet human needs.It was a wonderful time and I brought these thoughts to Brasil with me.
    Much love

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