Our journey to hiring 18 Christian Science nurses

Janiva's Blog_June 2015
In May 2014, as part of our transformation initiatives, my monthly blog announced our intention to hire 18 Christian Science nurses.

Our in-depth analysis of the BA’s operations in the first quarter of 2014 showed that the single greatest item in achieving sustainability and blessing our Field was hiring enough Christian Science nurses to meet the great demand for care in Boston and New England.

So many of you have been asking me, “Have you hired the 18 CS nurses?” that I thought this would be a good time to update everyone on how this plan has unfolded. As with all plans, there is often a difference between the plan, with its assumptions, and the reality as the plan unfolds.
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This is what happened.

Our research shows that most Journal-listed Christian Science nurses in the US are already working full-time in facilities (almost 70% according to a survey conducted by The Mother Church). In our own surveys and calls to Christian Science nurses we found similar numbers. We also learned that many of the remaining CS nurses work on private-duty cases and are solidly booked throughout the year, or they are nearing retirement and/or are no longer working regularly.

  1. For the short term, the BA has been able to employ a number of wonderful Journal-listed Christian Science nurses on a temporary basis to meet the immediate demand for care in
    our region.
  2. Additionally, we are grateful to see a number of individuals entering the BA’s ChristianCSNA II Cooking - Web Science Nursing Arts training program this past year.
  3. Finally, our transformation work has unfolded fresh ideas for increased productivity. One result is that we are now able to nurse more patients with fewer CS nurses. This was like adding more staff.

Survey findings and takeaways

We have been talking to Journal-listed Christian Science nurses around the US over the last year, and it has been so helpful to our transformation work. Here’s what we found:

  • CS nurses told us that it is not just Boston and New England, but there is a great need for more CS nurses almost everywhere, and not just in facilities, but for private duty as well.
  • CS nurses told us that around the country an increase in wages and benefits were necessary for those in this ministry, especially for facilities in areas where affordable housing is an issue. We responded in 2014 by completely restructuring the wages and benefits for our CS nursing staff.Webinar intro video graphic
  • For the BA, training more CS nurses is the ultimate answer. We have redoubled our efforts to recruit qualified individuals who have been called to this holy work to enter our Christian Science Nursing Arts classes. This growth will ultimately help to meet the demand for care throughout the US and beyond.


  • We are grateful for The Mother Church initiative on Christian Science nursing over the last year and the Roundtable Conversations held throughout the world by Linda Kohler, then President of The Mother Church, and Caroleen Scholet, Manager, Christian Science Nursing Activities. These meetings have reached thousands of members and stirred thought to think more deeply about Christian Science nursing and each member’s part in this ministry.
  • We are deeply grateful for those Journal-listed Christian Science nurses that are willing to travel around the US and beyond to help meet the need for care in our facilities and in private homes.
  • 02_Church-Manual-by-law-pg-1-text-101110Mon_Manual-By-Law_lo_0003195x145And finally, we are most grateful for those who are being called to this ministry and answering the call–who are preparing themselves to meet the standard of our Leader’s By-law, “Christian Science Nurse,” Art. 8, Sect. 31, in the Church Manual.

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