Janiva’s Blog: Why I Love Living in Boston (and You Might Too)!

Janiva TolerWhen I moved from Texas to Boston to work at the BA I knew my life would change. But I wasn’t prepared for how much I would love living in Boston.

Boston and the surrounding New England region are pretty near the perfect vacation destination. After all we’re known worldwide for:

  • Amazing fall foliagePicture of Swan Boats
  • Diverse cultural activities, such as the Boston Pops, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Theater District, New England Conservatory, and more
  • Institutes of higher learning, such as Boston University, Harvard University, MIT, Northeastern University, UMass, and many morePicture of the MIT Dome
  • Home to several major sports teams — Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, and New England Patriots
  • A rich history that plays a central role in American history


For Christian Scientists the Boston area is even more special with the opportunity to visit:Janiva's Photo of TMC

  1.  The Mother Church
  2. The offices of The Christian Science Monitor
  3. The Mary Baker Eddy Library
  4. Longyear Museum and many of Mrs. Eddy’s nearby homes, such as Lynn and 400 Beacon St.

7 reasons I love living in Boston! Some may surprise you

  1. Being a local member of The Mother Church is such a privilege. Although I had visited The Mother Church many times over the years, there is something special about attending regularly and serving on committees. Currently I’m serving in the Sunday School, and for several years I ushered — greeting and visiting people from around the world, many of whom were visiting The Mother Church for the first time.
  2. Seeing friends and acquaintances from across the country is a regular occurrence.  It’s probably true that most Christian Scientists will visit The Mother Church at least once. So as a local member I am always seeing people I went to school or church with from across the US.
  3. Having four seasons (especially winter). Obviously the New England area is famous for its fall foliage — an absolutely beautiful time of year. But winter, spring, and summer are pretty great as well. I especially love the winters in Boston!  Yes, I know Boston winters are cold, and we sometimes get lots of snowfall and occasionally a nor’easter. But mostly it is like a winter wonderland when it snows. The snow blankets everything and you are in a completely different world. Serene and beautiful. Being from Texas I didn’t know the difference between blizzards, snowstorms, or flurries. And I had never been in a “whiteout.” Now all of those are in my vocabulary, including the distinction between different types of snowflakes. With a 4-wheel drive and the excellent snow plowing here in Boston, the snow rarely deters you from getting where you need to go. Overall, winter in Boston is a big plus for me.
  4. Everything is so close I was amazed when I first moved here that you can drive to Rhode Island in less time than it takes to drive from Dallas to Ft. Worth.
  5. You don’t need a car to live in BostonBoston is known for its great public transportation. Boston and its suburbs are designed to be walkable. It’s easy to live within walking distance of restaurants and stores. And people in Boston like to walk.
  6. Driving in Boston is never boring. Actually driving in Boston deserves its own blog.  I used to be appalled at the way Boston drivers turned left across traffic from a right hand lane. But after living in Boston for a while you become accustomed to being alert whenever and wherever you are driving. Be ready for the unexpected because it often happens. Once you get used to narrow, winding streets and roundabouts it’s quite fun to drive in Boston.
  7. Boston is friendly. People in Boston and New England are friendly. They make you feel welcome. It isn’t quite the same as “Texas friendly,” but then that is a mighty high standard!

If you agree that Boston is a very special place to live and work, you should check out the job openings that we have currently at the BA. One of these might be a perfect fit for you or someone you know. Also, here’s a link to working at the BA.

These are my top 7 reasons. I’d like to hear what you think makes Boston a wonderful place to live and work, please comment below…


3 Responses to Janiva’s Blog: Why I Love Living in Boston (and You Might Too)!

  1. Dick Cross says:


    Beautifully composed and compelling recap of the privileges of sharing our City.


  2. Paula says:

    It’s a great hub to reach other New England places from pretty easily, too. Trains and busses to many areas of New England out of Boston. Water ferry to the Cape and islands.

  3. Kevin says:

    – Boston is very diverse. As a foodie I love the fact that I can find excellent kosher, Italian, and Middle East food easily.

    – Boston is a technology hub. There is so much innovation happening all around Boston. With all these great thinkers around, there are so many opportunities to connect with those on the cutting edge.

    – Boston is like a smaller version of NYC. Small town big city.

    – Traveling into and out of Boston is so easy. Either via plane, trains, or auto. Logan International Airport has direct flights to tons of popular destinations. It makes it easy to have friends visit with you on a leg of their journey;)

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