Janiva’s Blog: Your Part in Sharing the Vital Role of Christian Science Nursing

In November 2014 the BA was privileged to host three roundtables from The Mother Church titled “Conversations on Christian Science Nursing with Our Church Family.” The roundtables were presented by Linda Kohler, Journal-listed Christian Science nurse and then current President of The Mother Church, and Caroleen Scholet, who was then the Manager of Christian Science Nursing Activities at The Mother Church. All three half-day meetings focused on 14 questions regarding the foundation, practice, responsibility, and expectation for Christian Science nursing.
While all of the questions were of interest, I focused in on Question # 9 –

What’s the best way to share the message that Christian Science nursing plays a vital role in the Christian Science Church’s healing mission for humanity with fellow students of Christian Science? What can I as an individual member do to accomplish this?

More than two years later, this question is still of great interest to us because of the great need in the world today for Christian Science nurses.  Christian Science nurses are needed in every avenue of practice: facilities, visiting services, camps, schools, and in the home. 

It is extremely important that we continue to share the message that Christian Science nursing plays a vital role in the Church’s healing mission.  We are aware that there are more articles about Christian Science nursing in The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel than in past decades.  We now have listings in The Christian Science Journal for accredited facilities and visiting services. And we are deeply grateful. But we can do more.

If you are reading this blog you are most likely someone who is in a position to share the message of Christian Science nursing as a vital aspect of Christ-healing. You know the importance of Christian Science nursing. You may have had first-hand experience with Christian Science nursing.

 How might you share this with fellow members?

  • In testimonies in church or the periodicals. If you have had a healing supported by Christian Science nursing, please share it in a testimony so that it may bless many others.
  • In your Sunday School class. If you don’t feel you know enough, invite a Christian Science nurse to give a presentation to your Sunday School class. Even for the youngest classes, there are articles in the periodicals that mention the role of Christian Science nursing and could be used in class.








  • With your Church Care Committee. Invite your local Christian Science nursing facility or visiting service to give a presentation on caring for fellow church members. Or if you are not near a facility, invite a Christian Science nurse. If none of this works, call the BA and we will work with you on a Conference Call or Webinar.
  • With your Church. Again, your local Christian Science nursing facility or visiting service would love to make a presentation to your Church about Christian Science nursing if there is one in your region.  Or invite a Christian Science nurse.
  • Look for one-to-one opportunities to share with other students of Christian Science. And if you know someone that would be a wonderful Christian Science nurse, encourage them. Encourage them to go online and look into training classes in Christian Science nursing.

We’d love to hear your ideas on this subject. We’re interested in how we can better reach our Field to bring an awareness of Christian Science nursing, its vital role, and its availability.


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