Janiva’s Post, June 2020

% Thing to know about the BA

June 2020 was active at the BA. Here are 5 things you should know!

1. The Christian Science Nurses Training School. Our summer CSNA I (Introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts) class began June 16. Continued restrictions in place for Massachusetts have called for greater flexibility in teaching the class, but the joy of working together in the classroom in support of this holy ministry remains unchanged!

2. Interviewing and Hiring – There are five new staff members working at the BA in June. We have conducted all our initial interviews with video conferencing, with the final interview at the BA and following social guidance. The process is working well, and we’re so grateful for the additional support!

3. Patient admissions – We continue to be able to admit patients at the BA and to respond to calls for the Visiting Service. While we do have restrictions in place, our Christian Science nursing services and responding to requests continue with no interruptions.

4. A new BA Trustee – We recently welcomed a new Trustee to the BA Board. Rob Collier is from Michigan and brings great expertise and appreciation for Christian Science nursing. We so value the different perspectives of our board and how that supports the BA!

5. Excellent team – How exceptionally our dedicated, resilient, flexible, and joy-filled staff have risen to the challenges of the last months! They are the best! During times like these it reminds me that I should tell each of them, far more often than I do, how essential they are to the BA and its mission. A big shout out to the BA staff, and their families that support them, as they carry out the services of the BA.


 I’m reading in June – Adam Dickey: Secretary to Mary Baker Eddy, Chestnut Hill Edition.  (Mr. Dickey was from its founding one of the trustees of the BA)

 I’m listening toHymn #304 from the Annual Meeting. I love hearing everyone singing together.

I would love to hear from you. What are you reading and listening to as we head into full summer?

2 Responses to Janiva’s Post, June 2020

  1. BFW says:

    Greetings Janiva-

    Reading: I’m really leaning into the lesson sermons, praying with the individual verses and citations, and engaging in more research from various sources. Then at night, as I get into bed, I listen for the one or two specific insights that support and enfold me, right then, as I fall asleep.
    And I have been listening to Kathy’s and Char’s first album, Inhabiting Eternity. It is, I think, the most healing album of the whole library of CS albums. It’s Christian Science nursing compassion, dedication, alertness, and calm are a continual blessing. .

  2. Dave Horn says:

    Janiva, I’m glad you’re reading the Chestnut Hill edition of “Mr. Dickey:Secretary to Mary Baker Eddy.”I know the author, Nancy Baxter, very well, and her research is excellent. Her company (Hawthorne Publishing) also produced my book, “God’s Fingerprints: Dusting for the Divine in the Life of a Christian Scientist Journalist.” It’s available on Amazon, but I’d be glad to send you a gift copy.

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