The Vital Role of Christian Science Nursing

The Vital Role of Christian Science Nursing in Our Church's Mission

Today I want to put two questions before our readers:

  • Why is the vital role of Christian Science nursing in our Church’s healing mission unknown to many of our members?
  • And, how can I as an individual Church member help correct this?

The BA Hosts The Mother Church

Linda Kohler Portrait

Linda Kohler
President of The Mother Church, Christian Science nurse

Last week the BA was privileged to host three roundtables from The Mother Church titled “Conversations on Christian Science Nursing with Our Church Family.” The roundtables were presented by Linda Kohler, Journal-listed Christian Science nurse and current President of The Mother Church and Caroleen Scholet, Manager, Christian Science Nursing Activities at The Mother Church. All three half-day meetings focused on 14 questions regarding the foundation, practice, responsibility, and expectation for Christian Science nursing.

A Key Question for Members

While all of the questions were of interest I immediately focused in on Question # 9 –

    What’s the best way to share the message that Christian Science nursing plays a vital role in the Christian Science Church’s healing mission for humanity with fellow students of Christian Science? What can I as an individual member do to accomplish this?

—Question #9

This question is of great interest to us because of what we’ve been hearing at a series of meetings the BA is having with all of the Christian Science churches and societies in our region. So far we have had meaningful conversations with nearly half of the churches and societies in the New England area. Many of the members we talked with shared their own personal experiences with Christian Science nursing. We are also finding that many members are not familiar with Christian Science nursing care, or its availability. Some are finding that fellow members are not calling for skilled Christian Science nursing care when there is a need.

Our hats are off to The Mother Church for directly addressing this need, and for exploring ways to encourage a deeper appreciation and utilization of this Church Manual-based activity.

How Individuals Can Answer Question #9

Christian Science CenterIf you are reading this blog you are most likely someone who is in a position to share the message of Christian Science nursing as a vital aspect of Christ-healing. You know that Christian Science nursing promotes Christ-healing.


So please share this with fellow members:

  • In testimonies in church or the periodicals
  • In your Sunday School class
  • With your church Care Committee

We’re interested in how we can better reach our Field to bring an awareness of Christian Science nursing, its vital role, and its availability. We’d love to hear your ideas.


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2 Responses to The Vital Role of Christian Science Nursing

  1. Susan says:

    I’m very grateful for Christian Science nurses, but I wish that it was clearer what types of things one can call on a CS nurse for. I think it would help if CS nurses each have their own web page, listed in the Journal, where the CS nurse lists what types of things they help with.
    When I was pregnant I knew I should get a CS nurse, but I didn’t know what for. I asked a couple CS nurses, so, do you help deliver a baby? They said, no, I assist with the birth. I was hoping they’d explain what that meant but they didn’t, & I didn’t know what to ask.
    After my daughter was born I wondered what things I should phone a CS nurse just to ask a question about & what I should actually have them come & help with. No CS nurse ever said to me, “That’s something I can help with if you’d like me to.” I got the feeling they would never offer to come but would only come if I asked. And I didn’t know when or what to ask.
    Although I know there are no formulas for CS care, still some ideas would help. It was sometimes hard to get my questions answered, especially if I didn’t know what to ask.

    • Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association says:

      Dear Susan,
      Thank you for your comment and for your interest in understanding more about Christian Science nursing. Christian Science nursing is the evidence of God’s precious love for man and supports healing with Christly compassion and by tenderly ministering to our fellow man and his individual needs. Ministering to the needs of others with Christian Science is addressed throughout the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. Mrs. Eddy specifically addressed the requirements for members of The Mother Church representing themselves as a Christian Science nurse, in her By-law, “Christian Science Nurse” found in the Church Manual. You can find additional information on Christian Science nursing on the church’s website The article entitled Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services explains what to expect when engaging a Christian Science nurse. In addition to this and other articles, there are several videos that talk about Christian Science nursing on the website. These resources may address your questions completely or they may help you better formulate the questions that you have. Please feel free to call the BA to speak with one of the Christian Science nurse managers if you would like to speak more specifically with someone one on one. They would be more than happy to talk with you at any time.

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