Roundup: Health Insurance Info for Christian Scientists

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Our Roundup includes:

  • information on the ACA (Affordable Care Act) provision that went into effect this year,
  • a great ACA decision flow chart,
  • Medicare Open Enrollment information,
  • a primer on Medicare Part A – D,
  • and more information from the Christian Science Provider Network.


ACA (Affordable Care Act)

Healthcare.govThe ACA (Affordable Care Act) with its individual mandate goes into effect this year. This requires most Americans to have a medical health insurance plan that meets federal requirements or to pay a tax penalty.

If you have questions about the ACA, the Christian Science Committee on Publication Federal Office has a wonderful section on ACA (Affordable Care Act) FAQs. There is an answer to every possible question you might have.

Choosing your options—Flow Chart

Flow ChartIf you still have questions about what your options are under the ACA, this 2014 ACA decision flow chart for Christian Scientists is really helpful. Or for MA residents: 2014 health insurance compliance flow chart.

Medicare Open Enrollment

CalendarIn the last quarter of the year those of you who qualify for Medicare will receive many advertisements and notices for Medicare Open Enrollment. The annual open enrollment period is a once-a-year opportunity to switch to a private Medicare Advantage plan from the traditional Medicare fee-for-service plan, or vice versa. Open enrollment ends December 7. Those seeking Christian Science benefits should be aware that traditional Medicare provides coverage for Christian Science nursing in an accredited facility. However, Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) no matter what they state, rarely pay for coverage in a CS nursing facility. Here is a PBS blog on  What you need to know for Medicare Open Enrollment? Through December 7, 2014

Medicare Overview Part A – D

Do you still have questions about traditional Medicare Part A – D? Here’s a handy primer on Medicare Part A – D from the standpoint of Christian Science benefits.

Christian Science Provider Network

CS Provider NetworkSome of you may have heard of the Christian Science Provider Network, a spiritual care network serving health plan enrollees. Here is more information on Health Plan Coverage of Christian Science, who is in the network, and how you can help.

The BA’s Health Care section

If you have more questions on Medicare and Health Insurance for Christian Scientists, check out the Health Care section of our BA website.

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