The BA is hiring! Here’s how you can help

CSNB May'14The BA is currently hiring for several positions, including up to 18 Christian Science nurses.

Are you thinking…“Did she really just say 18 Christian Science nurses?”
Maybe I should back up a bit to explain.


Transformation at the BA is underway and progressing steadily. We are building on the successes of the past years such as:

  • A renewed Christian Science nurses training
  • A revitalized Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service
  • And a strengthened ministry of Christian Science nursing.


Introducing Dick Cross — Since January of this year we have been working with Dick Cross, a reorganization specialist, to achieve the next level of success. Dick has been the “hands-on” Chairman, CEO, or President of nine companies — getting them “unstuck” to achieve their next level of success. During his two-and-a-half decades of consulting he has advised more than 100 other CEOs and their organizations with similar results. Dick has also written two books: Just Run It: Running an Exceptional Business is Easier Than You Think and 60-Minute CEO: Mastering Leadership an Hour at a Time.

After several months of interviews, review, and analysis, we are confident we have identified the path to long-term financial sustainability for the BA. We have confirmed that the facility has the capacity to support solvent operations.

What it will take  The two longest levers for attaining sustainability are:Photo Original Building

  • Expanding our Christian Science nursing staff to full capacity in order to meet the care needs of our Field, and…
  • Increasing and updating our Independent Living apartments for those seeking both the vitality and refuge of a Christian Science community.

So now, let’s go back to the 18 Christian Science nurses.


In order for us to meet the care needs of our Field we need to hire and train more Christian Science nurses.  Our analysis indicates that 18 additional Christian Science nurses would allow us to admit patients for care without having to maintain a waiting list.

I admit that hiring 18 additional Christian Science nurses may seem daunting. But we think it is quite feasible:

  1. We anticipate hiring about 1 Christian Science nurse per month over the next 18 – 24 months. It doesn’t have to be immediately, though that would be great!
  2. Some of our Christian Science nurses will come from our CS Nurses Training School – those who are beginning classes this year.


So here’s the part where you can help us.Janiva's Photo of TMC
You’ve seen that we have been really talking up living and working in Boston. Monty Haas’ video this month is “Living in Boston: 4 gems 4 miles from the BA”. I have been blogging about “Why I want YOU to love Boston” as well as speaking with Monty about “The Perks of Living in Boston”.

The best advertising is always “word of mouth,” so we’d love for you to:

  • Share this blog with others who might be interested in living or working in Boston,
  • Share this blog with others who might also share this information,
  • Consider the ministry of Christian Science nursing for yourself,
  • Encourage someone who meets the requirements to consider the ministry of Christian Science nursing,
  • Share the need for Christian Science nurses with fellow church members, especially your Sunday School classes,
  • Share our Facebook and LinkedIn posts on recruiting and hiring Christian Science nurses.

We’d love to hear your ideas on sharing this important message.

PS  We have a couple of other positions open at this time as well:

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  1. Kaye & Merrill Carpenter says:

    All sounds wonderful!!

  2. Wren Price says:

    To paraphrase Eddy, (our collective) devotion of thought to (this) honest achievement, makes (this) achievement possible (!)

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