The Top 5 Successes of 2015

Janiva's blog logoThis year you have heard a lot about the BA’s ongoing transformation and our plans for financial solvency. We have made great strides in that direction and along the way we’ve had some successes that exceeded even our highest expectations.

I asked BA managers to list the major accomplishments in their departments for this past year. The resulting list is astounding! Over 150 accomplishments — and that’s only the more significant ones. We are truly grateful for each step of progress. Here is a list of what I think are the top 5 successes for 2015:

Jenny FirchSuccess #1: Meeting the demand for Christian Science nursing in unexpected ways. Gains in Christian Science nursing productivity have helped meet demand for care in ways we didn’t expect. We originally thought that the best way to meet the demand for care was primarily to hire additional Christian Science nurses in 2015. We have seen productivity gains, establishing Floor Assistant positions, hiring nine new Christian Science nurses, and continuing to employ Journal-listed Christian Science nurses on a short term basis — all combined to meet the demand for care. And best of all, we no longer have a waiting list for patients requesting admission.

CSNA II Cooking - WebSuccess #2: Increased activity for the Christian Science Nurses Training School. In 2015 nine new Christian Science nurses were enrolled in the BA’s training program!  We taught two additional Introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts (CSNA I) classes in response to qualified applicants from the United States and internationally. This increase in number of qualified members of The Mother Church entering this holy work has enabled us to better fulfill the healing mission of the BA — including the ability to better respond to the demands and requests for the BA’s Christian Science nursing services. In addition to the CSNA I classes, we have also taught 4 other courses, CSNA II and III, as well as a course in Mother and Infant Care and a course in Teaching in the Christian Science Nursing Arts (CSNA X).

community-largeSuccess #3: Hired several new staff members (including the nine new Christian Science nurses) and added 16 new volunteers. We are grateful that so many new qualified individuals have been added to our ranks in just the last 12 months. During the last two years of transformation planning, many of the positions here at the BA evolved to meet the current needs and several new positions opened up. That meant many opportunities for new staff to be hired. Also, volunteers continue to provide wonderful support to the BA’s healing mission.

Success #4: Increased activity in senior living and the introduction of a new name. It has been a joy to see how natural and progressive the former Independent Living R910 Mark 1 dark PMSprogram evolved into The Residences at 910. In addition to seeing new residents move in, the frequency and variety of activities has been dramatic, and the new logo and new website,, has seen thousands of visitors. We are so grateful to see this joyous unfoldment for our active community of senior Christian Scientists.

Success #5: Hundreds of repairs and improvements on the BA campus. During 2015 we have been able to make hundreds of repairs and improvements to our buildings and grounds. Many of these were made possible by generous financial contributions from our donors.

We are eagerly looking forward to 2016 with continuing transformation and sustainability. Thank you for your support as we gain financial solvency for the BA.

I welcome your questions and comments.  You can use the comment section below or reach me directly at or 617-975-2524.

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  1. Joan Lazarus says:

    Thank you so much for all that you and the nurses and staff do!

  2. Mary Vig says:

    Such a joy to read the above – a true testament to reaching out to God to provide the needed ideas to fulfill the BA’s need. I am very grateful to see the continual progress of our precious BA. So many in the field have been blessed by its presence in our experience – and the staff and Administration have continued to help each other and meet whatever challenges have come up, in a timely manner. God truly does look after that special place, and each of you there are showing His benevolence and love in so many ways to bless all who have anything to do with Christian Science nursing. “In heavenly Love abiding” – hymn 148. Thank you so very much to all of you. So much love, Mary Vig.

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